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7 childhood games that have to be recovered

We know it, the society advances and the tastes of the children also. But today, how many parents look back with nostalgia and think about those games that we loved and that we spent hours playing? Now children have fun with the screens, but the game interacting with peers should always be more important … Whether children enjoy those games of the past depends on what adults do in the present, we are in charge of teaching them! !

Therefore, when your child is bored, instead of giving him a screen so that he can entertain himself quickly and at the same time “put his mind to sleep”, it is better that you sit next to him and teach him these simple games that they never go out of style and should not be forgotten. They are old games and they should last forever … it’s up to you not to forget them!

Next, we are going to remind you of some games that you possibly played when you were little with your friends on the street or in the backyard of your house, and that the time has come for you to teach them to your children, and to have fun! great together!

The handkerchief

There are still schools that play this game in the schoolyard. But when you go to the field with the children or somewhere outdoors and there are enough people (adults and children) it is a very fun game and you have a great time. Only two groups and a few people are needed, and of course a handkerchief!

The distance between groups and the handkerchief must be the same to be fair and one person from each team must run (at the signal of the person holding the handkerchief) to grab the handkerchief and return to their group without the other having also come out for the handkerchief to catch him.

Magic games you erase

We all like magic, and it’s normal! They are fun games that make the viewer be amazed at so much magical talent. Now children are impressed with the magic of Harry Potter in his movies, but this magic is real! This board game teaches fun tricks and children will learn to do them enjoying themselves after teaching it to their loved ones and having a good time.

Hula Hoop

Who doesn’t remember spending hours trying to balance the Hula Hoop ? It was a very popular game in the 80s and 90s, but it never really goes out of style. It is still used in schools, but it should always be used! It’s as easy as moving the hoop around your waist and trying not to fall off. It’s great for exercising, swinging your hips, and laughing with friends!

The veneers

You may remember how you asked your mother to keep all the badges for you every time she opened a bottle of soda. All the badges were important and good for play! It is a game of which even championships were made and it is a pity that it is lost in this way, only with the passage of time …

There were two ways to play, free kick or on an obstacle course (optional) to make it more fun. Obstacles were usually drawn in chalk on the ground, but that made it even more entertaining! It was a game that today should be taken up with the children, because they will have a great time! And they will love playing those games that you spent hours enjoying …


How many hours did you spend at school recess throwing the rock and playing hopscotch? It was an ideal way to learn to count and move. 10 numbers were drawn on the ground and you had to jump 2 or 3 and go to 7 for example, you had to hit a good jump! You only needed chalk and soil to draw it or some dirt and a stick to make the shape, and the stone to throw it to the number you would have to jump! Sometimes, for more difficulty, two stones were thrown.

Jump rope

A girl held one end and another girl (or boys) grabbed the other end and they twirled the rope. It was a wonderful way to enjoy physical exercise while singing songs for the purpose of rope play. You had to go in without tripping over the rope, get out, jump without the rope stopping … it was a great game to enjoy with friends and exercise at the same time!

Skip the rubber

“Calipo, Calipo, Calipo, is the ice cream that takes your hiccups off when it rises and rises and when it falls, it falls and falls … it’s Calipo!” It is one of the songs that were used to play and jump to the tires. Two boys or two girls stood at the end of the rubber band and skipped the rubber band doing different movements to the rhythm of the songs. It is also a game that boys and girls should pick up again!